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Bridal Timeline

6 months before
Laser Hair Removal
Most people need 6-8 treatments spaced 1 month apart for smooth, bare skin.  It will be great not to shave on your honeymoon.

3-6 months before
Treat your arms to look better in a strapless wedding dress, stubborn bra fat, belly, sides etc... It takes 3 months to see results and you may want to fit in 2 treatments before your big day.

3 months before
This allows any lines to smooth out and gives us a chance to get the treatment just right with a little touch-up a few weeks before your big day.

1-2 weeks before
Lash Lift & Tint
You will want your lashes to be fresh on your big day.

Home Skin Care Regimen
It is critical to get on a good skin care regimen so it will have time to work before your wedding.  It also helps other treatments work better!

3-6 months before
Dermal Filler
Sometimes just a bit of filler in the smile lines, cheeks, or a slightly fuller lip.  The key is to keep it natural. We can inject up to 4 weeks before the wedding.  This allows any swelling or bruising plenty of time to heal.

6 weeks before
Starting Latisse 6 weeks before your wedding will give your lashes plenty of time to grow.

3-6 days before
This requires no explanation! tip-add on a dermaplane for a smooth canvas for your wedding day makeup.

till death do us part
Keep up your home skin care, routine facials and injectables to continue to look your best.

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