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Filler Correction

Dermal fillers are an excellent choice for enhancing facial features, smoothing wrinkles, and adding volume to the skin. However, the results may not meet your expectations, or complications may arise. Filler removal can reverse unwanted effects and address issues such as overfilling, asymmetry, or adverse reactions.  

Reasons you people consider filler reversal:

  • The filler results in an unnatural appearance or does not align with your aesthetic goals

  • You experience side effects such as lumps, asymmetry, or overfilling

  • Your body has an adverse reaction, or you develop an infection at the injection site

  • The filler lasts longer than desired, or you wish to return to your pre-filler appearance

  • You want to embrace a more natural aging process

The Evaluation & Removal Process:

During your consultation, every aspect of the filler removal will be discussed, including the type of filler used previously, the area of treatment, and your desired outcome. This informative session is designed to put you at ease, clarifying any questions or concerns.

If the area, depth or type of filler is not obvious during Dr. King's examination she may recommend the use of our handheld Clarius ultrasound to scan the area for dermal filler.  

With this information, Dr. King may recommend one of the following filler removal techniques:

  • Hyaluronidase Injection: Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid fillers by speeding up the breakdown of the hyaluronic acid molecules. This process allows for the precise and targeted removal of unwanted filler, dissolving the filler in a controlled manner, ensuring that the results are both accurate and natural-looking.  Patients can typically expect noticeable improvements within a few days of undergoing the hyaluronidase treatment as the body gradually metabolizes and eliminates the dissolved filler. This quick response time allows individuals to achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes in a relatively short period, adding to the appeal of this enzymatic intervention.  In some cases, reversal injections may be done under ultrasound guidance for a more precise targeting of filler pockets.

  • Steroid & Saline Injections: When removing non-hyaluronic acid fillers, Dr. King might use steroid injections to reduce swelling and lessen the impact of the filler. She may also inject saline to flush out non-hyaluronic acid fillers, helping speed up removing unwanted material from the treatment area.

Some patients may choose to dissolve filler to reset their look and provide a clean canvas for retreatment.  Dr. King can inject dermal fillers as soon as 2 weeks after hyaluronidase reversal.

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