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Late Cancellation/No Show Policy

We require 24 hours for appointment cancellations or changes.  After three late cancellations or no-shows, you will be required to keep a card on file and may be assessed a fee of $50 for any additional late cancellations or no-shows.  If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, we may need to reschedule you to ensure that the patients who arrive on time do not wait longer than necessary to see the provider. You may be given the option to wait for another appointment time on the same day if one is available.

We will try to accommodate late-comers in the best manner possible,

but cannot compromise on the quality and timely care provided to our other patients. 

Toxin Touch-up Policy

Botox and Dysport follow-ups must be done between 10-20 days to be eligible for a free touch-up.  Daxxify touch-ups should be done between 14-20 days to be eligible for free touch-ups.  Touch-up units will only be offered in the area that was initially treated at no charge to the patient.  Additional areas treated at the touch-up appointment will be charged at full price.  Patients who opt for fewer units than recommended by the provider in the treatment area are not eligible for a free touch-up.  Any areas requiring touch-ups will likely need to be treated with a slightly higher dose at the next visit.

Product Return Policy

Patients have 7 days to return unopened products for a full refund or office credit.  In the case of an adverse reaction, we allow returns 14 days from the purchase date, in which case the patient must be evaluated by a member of our clinical staff, 

Children/Minors in the Office

Children under the age of 1 must be in either a car seat or a stroller while in the office, including the treatment room. No children between the ages of 1 and 8 may be in any treatment room. Children over the age of 8 may be in a treatment room provided they can sit quietly during the treatment. Children must be 14 or over to be in the waiting area unaccompanied.

All patients must be at least 16 years of age to be treated. Even if they have been treated in the past, there will be no exceptions.

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