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men's facial

Welcome to the Man Cave.  Don’t let the pink fool you: there is nothing girly about looking good!   We are highly skilled in tailoring services specifically for the male anatomy and physiology.



CoolSculpting® treatments are strategically placed to enhance the V shape of the torso that gives the appearance of physical fitness and a youthful body. 

Men sometimes develop a layer of fat over the abdominal muscles and on the flanks (love handles).  This fat tends to be resistant to exercise.  No matter how many sit ups you do, you will never see a 6 pack if there is a layer of fat on top.  While I can’t guarantee I will give you a six pack, I can certainly treat the spare tire around the abdomen that shows through your shirt!’

We also get rid of double chins like nobody’s business!


We love hairy backs and beards at New Image MD.  We have a state of the art Cynosure® Icon laser which is specifically designed for hair reduction.  Common treatment areas include beard hair, back hair, hairy toes, etc!  The procedure takes about 30 min and usually needs to be done monthly for 6 months for nice smooth skin. Hair reduction helps with hair bumps and Tinea Barbae (fungal infection of the beard).  Treatment is slightly uncomfortable (feels like a rubber band snap), and numbing cream can be applied at no extra charge.


Men can benefit from treatment of crows feet, smile lines and other areas with injectables, but the procedure must be done by an experienced injector.  There are very specific injection techniques when injecting a male face to restore youth but avoid "feminizing" the face.  Dr. King is trained to inject male faces and will complete a comprehensive consultation with you prior to your treatment. 


We offer facials and peels to help with acne and complexion as well as microneedling and other treatments to help with scarring and fine lines. We don't charge for consultations and we can recommend the right treatment for you.

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