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Microcurrent devices use low levels of electrical current to stimulate facial muscles, helping to boost collagen and sculpt and lift the face, reducing inflammation, boosting circulation, and improving muscle function. 

A microcurrent facial is a cosmetic treatment where a person uses a special handheld device to deliver tiny currents of electricity to the face. These microcurrents stimulate the skin and muscles with the aim of improving a person’s appearance.

Microcurrent devices have two electrodes on one end, which deliver the current of electricity. This does not involve any surgery. A person remains awake throughout the treatment and can continue their usual activities immediately.  Additionally, unlike other more invasive procedures, microcurrent facials involve no incisions or anesthesia.  

While microcurrent devices are available for at-home use, the energy output of at-home microcurrent devices is lower compared to what is used in a doctor's office.  At New Image MD we use Myolift MD, an FDA cleared device with a proven track record.


Avoid injectable fillers 2 weeks before your treatment, Botox is fine up until the 24 hours before.

Stop tretinoin, retinols, and glycolic acids 1 week before.

If you have a history of cold sores, please take a dose of Valtrex the morning of your treatment.

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