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Ready for a Kysse®

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Restylane Kysse has already been available in international markets, but as of May 2020, it's now approved by the Food and Drug Administration for usage in the United States.

Kysse is a hyaluronic acid filler, which places it in a categories similar to Juvéderm and other Restylane products. The innovation here is that Kysse uses Galderma's proprietary XpresHAn (aka "expression") Technology. The new filler changes the way that hyaluronic acid binds inside your lips. The hyaluronic acid is bound to itself, so it stretches, and then goes back to its prior space. When you're talking, smiling, kissing, it has the ability to integrate into the tissue where it's injected and mold to your tissue. It becomes one with your lips!

Study results showed that Restylane Kysse provides lip fullness, improves the appearance of the lines above the mouth and leaves patients satisfied with their results, They found that by week eight after treatment, at least 90 percent of patients were satisfied with their lips. Specifically, with the shape of their upper and lower lips (93 percent and 95 percent, respectively). That said, we predict this new approval to be a hit among professionals and patients alike...clinical trials showed that Kysse has the potential to last for almost a year. As other lip fillers typically last six to nine months.

We are celebrating Kysse' arrival on July 6th...National Kissing Day. Post a pic of your sweetest kiss and tag @newimagemd and you'll be entered to win a FREE syringe of Kysse injected by Dr. King.

Kysse® Treatments At New Image MD

Dr. Jennifer King and our team of highly-trained medical aestheticians at New Image MD provide safe and effective lip filler treatments. Learn more about our hyaluronic acid filler services and book your appointment today.

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