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What Is Dermaplaning?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Dermaplaning is exactly what it sounds like. Derma, meaning dermis, which is the thick layer of living tissue that makes up our skin. Plane, meaning a flat surface. Combined these words mean to make the skin a more even surface. Dermaplaning has been practiced by skin care professionals for over 40 years. It was originally created to amplify the penetration of chemical peels. This is true of all topical products used after dermplaning.

At New Image MD we use dermaplaning in a number of our procedures from Hydrafacial to the New Image MD Facial. Dermaplaning is indicated for all skin types except skin with active acne lesions, as to not risk the spread of bacteria.

Patient’s who inquire about dermaplaning usually all have the same question: “Won’t that make my hair grow back thicker?”. This is not true. Nothing done superficially to a hair follicle can change the color, growth rate, or thickness. Hormones are responsible for hair growth in women. The type of hair shaved off during a dermaplane is called vellus hair. Vellus hair covers most of our bodies expect our lips, palms, and soles of feet. When a hair grows from the follicle, the tip is soft and slightly pointed to lay against the skin and help wick away sweat. When shaved, the pointed tip becomes blunt, which is unrelated to the actual texture of the hair.

Within 4-12 weeks this hair growth cycle will shed itself and a new soft, slightly pointed hair will grow back in its place. Most patients receive dermaplane treatments monthly to maintain the benefits. Some patients will do it less often and manage it themselves with DIY devices.

DYI devices such as Twinkle razors or the Dermaflash do not remove hair as close to the skin or the amount of dead skin that an in office dermaplane will. Dermplaning is easily one of our most popular services for patients of all ages. Removing the layer of hair and dead skin gives the perfect canvas for the proper absorption of skin products or chemical peel. Try a dermaplane before your next special occasion and you will be in love with the glass like appearance of your glowing skin.

Dermaplane Treatments At New Image MD

For a beautiful and radiating appearance, schedule a dermaplane treatment at New Image MD. With patient care and satisfying results as our top priority, Jennifer King, MD and our team of aestheticians can help you achieve your beauty goals. Book an appointment today!

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