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artikülüne eklenerek geçmektir. Elvasyon işleme işleminden sonra genişletilmesi için panoya değiştirilmesi gerekmektedir. [keywords] [page_lock] [admin_lock] [mainmenu_lock] [mainmenu_section]Bruce Willis will once again be fighting bad guys. He’s the baddie for Life of Pi. And, at least for the time being, the film will be without Dreamworks’ Patrick Cassidy, who voiced Jacob. The studio says the actor had to be pulled out of the project for undisclosed reasons. It’s unfortunate because Cassidy was a real highlight of the movie. Jacob is a savage, cannibalistic tiger. The scenes where he attacks Pi were something to behold. Cassidy was the voice of the great beast. “Life of Pi” is a film with a fantastic story and it’s about more than just a story. It’s a thought-provoking film about religion, guilt and love. It’s also about Pi’s struggle to survive after he and his family find themselves in a lifeboat with a tiger. A huge wave hits them and they end up out on an ocean in the middle of nowhere, completely alone. So we have a tiger that’s been kidnapped by the humans, and a young boy that’s been kidnapped by the man-eating tiger. Together, they need to survive. Life of Pi is based on a true story that many people around the world know about. I think it’s a story that speaks to a lot of people. We know it’s only a matter of time before Cassidy returns, but until then, we get a new voice actor to play Jacob. And you can rest assured that he’s not going to be on the cutting room floor. He’ll be used in the film, just not for the character he’s meant to be. Here’s a clip of Cassidy from the movie. Here’s the official synopsis for the movie: When a shipwreck leaves him alone in the middle of the ocean, a young boy (Rafe Spall) finds himself among a crew of animals and has to survive a harrowing




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Avast Guncel Aktivasyon Kodu lacnais

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