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Coronavirus Update

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Many businesses and offices have made the difficult decision to close over the past few days. While we respect that decision, we believe that New Image MD is a low risk environment. Our team is made up of only 3 employees and there are no more than 2 people in the waiting area at any given time; making it easy to practice "social distancing". We are disinfecting all commonly touched surfaces including doorknobs with every use and on the hour. We are wearing masks during all procedures to further reduce the chance of transmission. Additionally, we are asking that anyone who is symptomatic in any way or has any sick contacts reschedule their appointment for a later date.

While we are committed to "flattening the curve", we feel that we can safely continue to care for patients. However, please make your own personal decision about visiting our office based on your specific circumstances including your own health status and the health/age of family members you may be regularly in contact with. Also, we urge you to follow all national and local executive orders and recommendations.

Dr. King is entrenched in all aspects of the medical system, including inpatient practice, outpatient practice, telemedicine, medical education and online/social groups for providers. She will continue to stay abreast with the ever changing local and national guidelines as well as the current status of the outbreak in our area. If at any point we feel that we can no longer offer a low risk environment for our patients we will reevaluate the decision to remain open.

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