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Age Management

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation

  • Filler

  • Botox

  • Microneedling

  • Laser

Aging looks different in different people and varies depending on genetics, ethnicity, skin type, sun exposure, and weight. Structurally, the face and neck comprise bone, fat, muscle, connective tissue, and skin. Bone and fat loss can cause loss of structure and volume, which causes the face to pull downwards, creating deep smile lines, jowls, and a loose neck, as well as a disruption of harmony (the underlying shape of the face). A youthful face is the shape of an inverted triangle, while an aging face settles into a triangle right side up. After consultation and discussion, we will replace the lost volume with a thicker hyaluronic acid filler that gives us support and lift in the upper face, which will cause a noticeable change in the lower face due to the lift. We then place a thinner filler in the deeper folds of the lower face, such as the smile lines and chin. The thinnest filler is then used to add the final layer of subtle volume in the tear troughs and lips. The filler lasts an average of 12-18 months and costs about $750 per syringe. Most people require one syringe per each decade of life (i.e., 40-year-old=4 syringes), though this varies greatly.

Over time, repeated facial expressions can cause creases and lines. We also develop an uneven pull of muscles which can cause brows to be pulled down and the corners of the mouth to turn downward. We are able to impact dynamic (movement) lines with Botox®. The toxin is injected into strategic muscles of facial expression to treat lines and release a downward pull. Botox can also be used to release the platysmal muscle that causes an aged appearance of the neck. Botox® is $12 per unit and lasts about 3-5 months. Most people require 30-60 units.

The connective tissue and cellular support for the skin decrease over time, causing the skin to look dry and aged. The microneedling procedure stimulates collagen production and makes a notable difference in skin texture, tone, and tightening. Our microneedling device is specialized and can only be operated in a physician's office, and we can use more aggressive settings to spot and treat etched lines and wrinkles. We typically recommend a series of 6 treatments, each a month apart.

Finally, if present, IPL/Laser may be used to treat sun spots and tiny blood vessels. Not everyone has these issues and may not need this particular treatment modality. Pricing varies, and typically two treatments are recommended. There is no exact treatment interval, but laser treatments may sometimes require a touch-up in a year or so.

Individual consultations involve a focused medical history as well as a complete evaluation. Treatment modality, planning, pricing, and home care regimen will be discussed. Other treatments, such as microdermabrasionchemical peels, and facials, are sometimes needed to improve skin quality. If pretreatment medication or topicals are required, they will be called into your local pharmacy. We never charge for consultations and love teaching patients about anti-aging treatments. We believe all women are beautiful just the way they are; age management is a way to look and feel a little fresher without the risk and recovery time of surgery. New Image MD Medical Aesthetics is more than a boutique medspa; it's an office full of women just like you who like to look naturally beautiful. We specialize in minimalistic treatments to help you look your best!


Paralysis muscles to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.


Adds hyaluronic acid to structurally support the face and replace volume loss.


Creates micro injuries which stimulate collagen producing cells to begin restoring elasticity, evening tone and tightening skin.


Targets age spots and blood vessels resulting in a more even complexion.

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